Learn Tajweed Of The Quran In Online Quran Class


Tajweed describes the rules that are used for pronouncing the alphabets of the Arabic Language used in the Quran. The word Tajweed is derived from trilateral root j-wd which means to make something well or better. In other words, it also means to improve something. Tajweed is not obligatory but is preferred. It makes the Quran sound more compelling and accurate. One should try his best to recite the Quran as well as he can, which is where the Tajweed comes in. The rules of Tajweed include;

  • Emission point – there are 17 emission points in the Quran.
  • Prolongation – it refers to the number of beats of time that are pronounced
  • Vowelless letters
  • Qalqalah – it means to add a slight bounce to the specific letters ق ط د ج ب.
  • Wasi – it means to not pronounce the letter alif
  • Waqf – an Arabic word that means to pause

Manners for reciting the Quran

Along with these, there are certain manners that one must follow while reading the Quran. The person needs to understand the origin of the word. The person should fully indulge himself in the verses and block away from all the worldly thoughts that come to his mind. One should try to read the Quran as accurately as possible. Before reading or touching the Quran one must be vigilant of purity of body and mind. His clothes and place of sitting must also be clean. All these manners and rules are taught to a person at a very early age. A person who has converted newly to Islam can seek the guidance of online scholars that teach Quran classes online. These scholars are fully educated and experienced to teach everyone about the proper ways of reading the Quran.

Mood disorder; the most common disorder our population has been facing these days

When talking about psychiatry there are several disorders and each of them fall below the specific classification. Each disorder is characterized by some symptoms and these symptoms tell you that the patient is suffering from this disorder. Talking about the disorders another category that is very common is mood disorders. The majority of our adult population suffers from this problem. Mood disorder is not a single disorder infact it is the category under which anxiety and depression is discussed. Mania, depression and anxiety are collectively termed as Mood disorders because they distract your mood badly and causes impairment in your functioning. These disorders also have several names which are dependent on the severity of symptoms.

Now it’s the responsibility of a psychiatrist to have good practice in diagnosing the problem. He must be able to comprehend the underlying emotional causes of this disorder. Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed may leads to major problems so they must be diagnosed properly before the conditions get worse. To make the proper Diagnosis dsm 5 recently published it’s criteria according to which you can compare the symptoms of the patient with the criteria. If the patient is meeting all the criteria it depicts that he has that disorder. There is a specific duration and a list of symptomology to meet the criteria, not only had this but also it tells you the severity of disorder, if you have mild, moderate or severe problem according to which treatments are provided.

After the successful diagnosis there is a list of treatment that is provided and it depends on the severity and condition of the patient. Therapies include behavioural therapy,  cbt, rebt, counseling and also providing medications. You are given a right to prescribe medication only if you have a mbbs degree in psychiatry. Studies show that women are more likely to suffer from mood disorder as compared to men. It disturbs your ability to cope well with the situation and hence disturbs your proper life functioning. For a healthy life style and to overcome these barriers you must have a good psychiatrist who can help you cope with the situation.

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